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Summer school on hands-on quantum computing

2020, May 24 -- May 30

Pol Forn-Díaz (IFAE)
Artur Garcia Saez (BSC-CNS)

We are witnessing the birth of the quantum computing era. Quantum computers are no longer a theoretical object, they do exist. And even though their computational power is not yet at the level of rivaling classical computers in relevant problems, it is at the point where scientists may begin to uncover its true potential. Therefore, now is the most suitable time to begin putting the focus on the next generation of quantum scientists by providing them with an overview of current quantum computing technology, both at the software and hardware levels.

This summer school particularly aims at granting access to attendees to all available quantum computers, combined with introductory lectures by some of the top-world experts on each particular technology. Some of the most commonly implemented classical and quantum software protocols will be introduced, followed by interactive and hands-on activities with which to experience the power of this disruptive quantum technology.

Benasque is a beautiful village located in the Spanish Pyrenees, just at the bottom of their highest mountain (Pico de Aneto), with a wonderful countryside/hiking environment. The Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual (http://benasque.org/) is an international meeting infrastructure which provides excellent facilities and an agreeable atmosphere to allow the participants to interact with senior speakers and tutors and also to carry their work during the meeting. The lecture halls and the rooms for discussion sessions are located in the Centre. Computing and electronic communication facilities are available

List of speakers

- Antonio D. Córcoles (IBM)
- Walter Vinci (NASA Ames)
- Alex Jones (Bristol)
- David Herrera (ATOS)
- Roman Orús (DIPC / Multiverse)
- José Ignacio Latorre (U. Barcelona / Technology Innovation Institute / Qilimanjaro / CQT Singapore)
- Victoria Goliber (D-Wave)
- Tom Bromley (Xanadu)
- Google*
- Zapata Computing*

*To be confirmed

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