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Entangle This V

2020, Jun 15 -- Jun 26

J. Barbón (IFT)
E. Lopez (IFT)
K. Papadodimas (ICTP)
D. Perez Garcia (ICMAT)
G. Sierra (IFT)
E. Tonni (SISSA)

Tantalizing connections between concepts in information theory, gravity and collective phenomena have existed for a long time. The systematic study of complex quantum entanglements in the last decades has elevated these connections to new heights. Quantum entanglement has become a multidisciplinary arena in itself, essential to condensed matter physics, quantum information theory and quantum gravity. The bianual series of workshops “Entangle This:” moves from Madrid to Benasque, keeping this crossroads character by “entangling” experts from these three sciences into a state of free-exchange of ideas and techniques.

List of topics

    - Gravitational holography
    - Quantum complexity
    - Tensor networks
    - Entanglement in many-body systems
    - Entanglement in quantum field theory

We are very happy to announce that this edition of the Entangle This meeting will host a two-day “hands on” tutorial by Prof. Guifre Vidal and his team at X, The Moonshot Factory (formerly Google X), on the use of TensorNetwork (https://github.com/google/TensorNetwork), a new open-source library for tensor network manipulations that are designed for accessibility but also powerful enough for state-of-the-art computations. For more details about this initiative, check here.

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