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Understanding cosmological observations

2017, Jul 30 -- Aug 11

D. Blas (CERN)
C. Byrnes (Sussex)
R. Crittenden (Portsmouth)
M. Crocce (ICE)
R. Flauger (Texas)
A. Lewis (Sussex)
S. Nadathur (Portsmouth)
R. Smith (Sussex)
F. Vernizzi (Saclay)

Monday, July 31
  • 09:00h
  • Registration
  • 09:30h
  • Overview on Gravitaitonal Waves from the early Universe
     Daniel Figueroa
  • 11:15h
  • GW from Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter and Inflation
     Juan Garcia Bellido

    Tuesday, August 01
    • 09:30h
    • Position-dependent Power Spectrum
       Eiichiro Komatsu
    • 11:15h
    • Counts-in-cells statistics - from theory towards galaxy surveys
       Cora Uhlemann
    • 11:50h
    • Latest eBOSS BAO analysis of the DR-14 quasars at 1
       Hector Gil Marin

      Wednesday, August 02
      • 17:30h
      • The Flattened Road Toward Cosmic Acceleration in String Theory
         Alexander Westphal
      • 19:15h
      • Role and symmetries of DBI inflation, G-inflation and their super symmetric partners
         Diederik Roest
      • 19:50h
      • Inflationary dynamics, models and fine tuning
         Richard Easther

        Thursday, August 03
        • 09:30h
        • Towards an efficient description of cosmic Large-Scale Structure
           Sergey Sibiryakov
        • 11:15h
        • Screening in perturbative approaches to LSS
           Matteo Fasiello
        • 11:50h
        • Probing dark energy with cosmic voids
           Ixandra Achitouv

          Friday, August 04
          • 09:30h
          • Overviewing the Dark Energy Survey and some of its early results
             Josh Frieman
          • 11:15h
          • DES Multi-Probe Methodology and Simulated Likelihood Analyses
             Elizabeth Krause

            Monday, August 07
            • 09:30h
            • Machine learning for classification in cosmology
               Hiranya Peiris
            • 11:15h
            • Problems with KiDS
               Benjamin Joachimi
            • 11:50h
            • KiDS-450+2dFLenS: Cosmological constraints from WL tomography and overlapping redshift-space galaxy clustering
               Shahab Joudaki

              Tuesday, August 08
              • 09:30h
              • Probing small-scale structure with ALMA
                 Neal Dalal
              • 11:15h
              • Cluster Cosmology
                 Eduardo Rozo
              • 11:50h
              • Studying the expansion of the Universe with quasar spectra
                 Andreu Font Rivera

                Wednesday, August 09
                • 18:00h
                • Dark matter dynamics in collisionless simulations
                   Oliver Hahn
                • 19:45h
                • Signatures of primordial tensor modes (tensor fossils)
                   Ema Dimastrogiovanni
                • 20:20h
                • Broken symmetries and tensor non-Gaussianities
                   Gianmassimo Tasinato

                  Thursday, August 10
                  • 09:30h
                  • Inflation, perturbations and symmetries
                     Subodh Patil
                  • 11:15h
                  • Contributed talk: A cleaner Baryon Acoustic Oscillations standard ruler: the Linear Point
                     Stefano Anselmi
                  • 11:35h
                  • Contributed talk: Analogue condensed matter systems for cosmology
                     Jonathan Braden
                  • 11:55h
                  • Contributed talk: Supermassive Black Holes from Dissipative Dark Matter
                     Guido D'Amico
                  • 14:30h
                  • Does space expand?
                     Pierre Fleury and Nick Kaiser
                  • 15:30h
                  • CMB foregrounds and future CMB B-mode searches
                     Raphael Flauger
                  • 17:00h
                  • Probes of massive neutrinos in cosmology
                     Andreu Font-Ribera
                  • 18:00h
                  • Cosmo Tools
                     Antony Lewis and Jesus Torrado

                    Friday, August 11

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