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Attosecond and Ultrafast Physics V

2017, Mar 06 -- Mar 08

J. Biegert (ICFO)
U. Elu (ICFO, Co-organizer)

Monday, March 06
  • 18:30h
  • Overview
     Jens Biegert
  • 18:45h
  • Streaking of Water Window SXR pulses: past, present, future
     Nicola di Palo
  • 19:15h
  • Ultrafast and high peak power lasers
     Olivier Chalus
  • 19:45h
  • Soliton compression of NIR to mid-IR pulses in gas filled Kagome PCF
     Ugaitz Elu

    Tuesday, March 07
    • 08:30h
    • Attosecond soft-x-ray ionization: VMI and Experiments
       Daniel Rivas
    • 09:00h
    • Inner-shell and strong-field physics, SBEs for solids
       Antonio Picon
    • 09:45h
    • Broadband CDI and HHG with 3 micron pulses
       Julius Huijts
    • 18:45h
    • Attosecond X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy towards Petahertz Information Transfer
       Barbara Buades
    • 19:15h
    • LIED in OCS and implementation towards larger molecules
       Aurelian Sanchez
    • 19:45h
    • Imaging molecular fragmentation with laser-induced electron diffraction
       Benjamin Wolter

      Wednesday, March 08
      • 08:30h
      • Modifications to the Attosecond beam line at ICFO for Attosecond pump - Attosecond probe spectroscopy
         Biplob Nandy
      • 09:00h
      • Development of a high energy 5-8 micron parametric amplifier and its applications to strong field physics
         Tsuneto Kanai
      • 09:45h
      • Single-shot electro-optical sampling of 3um pulses
         Lenard Vamos

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