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Entanglement in Strongly Correlated Systems

2018, Feb 18 -- Mar 03

R. Orús (U. Mainz)
D. Poilblanc (CNRS / U. Toulouse)
N. Schuch (Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics)

The study of entanglement in strongly correlated systems has lived a series of important advances in recent years, in turn underpinning a better understanding of the quantum properties of matter. Concerning numerics, examples of these are e.g. new numerical methods based on tensor networks (MPS, PEPS, MERA), as well as advances in quantum Monte Carlo, exact diagonalizations, and continuous unitary transformations. From an analytical perspective there are also recent relevant developments regarding e.g. AdS/CFT methods, entanglement spectrum, string-net models, and the tensor network description of chiral topological phases.

The aim of this 2-week meeting is to bring together specialists in the field as well as newcomers at the interface of quantum information and condensed matter theory. The format of the event will alternate introductory lectures with specialized talks. During these days, spontaneous informal discussions will be encouraged by the organizers and announced throughout the day. Our plan is to have a very rich and collaborative meeting.

* Participation of more than a week is preferred.

* Registration fees for invited lecturers will be waived.

Tentative list of invited speakers

* Dima ABANIN (Univ. Geneva)
* Fabien ALET (CNRS, LPT Toulouse)
* Fakher ASSAAD (Wuerzburg Univ.)
* Silke BIERMANN (CPhT-Polytechnique)
* Jean-Sebastien CAUX (Univ. Amsterdam)
* Frédéric MILA (EPFL)
* Nicolas REGNAULT (CNRS, ENS Paris)
* Kirill SHTENGEL (UC Riverside)
* Steve SIMON (Oxford)
* Miles STOUDENMIRE (Flatiron Inst. NY)
* Laurens VANDERSTRAETEN (Gent Univ.)
* Frank VERSTRAETE (Gent Univ.)
* Tao XIANG (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)
* Mike ZALETEL (Princeton)

Additional talks will be given by participants and a poster session will be organized.

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