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Organized bus

Organized bus

Please, plan your stay in Benasque well in advance.

Flying to Barcelona requires an early reservation. Public transport is poor, particularly on Sunday. If you are driving, remember that the last part of the trip goes through the Pyrenees valleys. You must count on slow speed.

Organized bus Barcelona-Benasque

The center offers bus transportation from Barcelona to Benasque. Those interested in joining the group, remember to check the appropiate option in the application form. Details of departure times are specified in the application form. The trip is definitely scenic but takes 4-5h. approximatly

First stop - University: Diagonal 686, Metro: L3 Palau Reial (Note that the bus stops opposite University of Barcelona, Facultat de Física i Química)

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Second stop - Airport: The bus will stop at Barcelona Airport (Prat) at terminal T2 A.

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The organization also offers free bus transportation from Benasque to Barcelona. Those interested in joining the group should check the appropriate option in the application form.

Bus stop - Benasque:

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