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Quantum Plasmonics

2015, Mar 08 -- Mar 14

F.J. Garcia-Vidal (U. Autonoma de Madrid)
L. Martín Moreno (ICMA, CSIC - U. Zaragoza)
S. Bozhevolnyi (U. of Southern Denmark)

Monday, March 09
  • 14:45:15:00h
  • Welcome
  • 15:00:15:35h
  • Coupling molecular mechanics to surface plasmons.
     T. Ebbesen
  • 15:35:16:10h
  • Polariton condensation in organic semiconductors.
     S. Kena-Cohen
  • 16:10:16:45h
  • Transport and harvesting of excitons mediated by strong coupling.
     J. Feist
  • 16:45:17:05h
  • Light-matter interactions in quantum plasmonic lattices.
     P. Torma
  • 17:05:17:25h
  • Microcavity plexcitons: Far-field coupling of plasmons and excitons.
     K. Lindfors
  • 17:45:18:20h
  • Theoretical formalism for multi-photon quantum transport in nanophotonic structures
     S. Fan
  • 18:20:18:55h
  • Quantum photonics with emitters in metal-semiconductor nanostructures.
     T. Babinec
  • 18:55:19:30h
  • Quantum transport of few photons in waveguides: many-body, strong and ultrastrong effects.
     E. Sánchez-Burillo
  • 19:30:19:50h
  • Multi-atom stimulated Raman adiabatic passage mediated by plasmons.
     B. Rousseaux
  • 19:50:20:10h
  • Long range non-radiative energy transfer between two fluorescent emitters.
     V. Krachmalnicoff

    Tuesday, March 10
    • 15:00:15:35h
    • Quantum-Dot Plasmonics.
       D. Norris
    • 15:35:16:10h
    • Defects in diamond: light matter interface for solid state spin qubits.
       F. Jelezko
    • 16:10:16:45h
    • Controlled interaction of single NV centers with surface plasmons
       R. Quidant
    • 16:45:17:20h
    • Coupling Nitrogen-vacancy centres to plasmonic structures.
       U. Andersen
    • 17:40:18:15h
    • Antenna-coupled tunnel junctions.
       L. Novotny
    • 18:15:18:50h
    • Transducing Electrons and Photons in Electrically-Contacted Tunneling Optical Gap Antennas.
       A. Bouhelier
    • 18:50:19:25h
    • Quantum effects in the plasmonic response of nanogaps.
       J. Aizpurua
    • 19:25:19:45h
    • Towards Robust Correlated Measurements of Dynamic Plasmonic Gaps in the Sub-nm Regime.
        A. Sanders
    • 19:45:20:05h
    • Electrically-driven optical antennas.
       R. Kullock

      Wednesday, March 11
      • 09:00:09:35h
      • Very large enhancements of spontaneous emission using plasmonic nanoantennas.
         V. Sandoghdar
      • 09:35:10:10h
      • Metamaterial-enhanced
         V. Shalaev
      • 10:10:10:45h
      • Quantum optics based on sub-wavelengh localization of light.
         M. Lukin
      • 11:05:11:40h
      • Nonlocal plasmonic response in noble metal and graphene nanostructures.
         N. Mortensen
      • 11:40:12:00h
      • Electrically controllable light-matter coupling with erbium and graphene.
         Klaas-Jan Tielrooij
      • 12:00:12:20h
      • Quantum plasmonic excitation in graphene and robust-to-loss state propagation.
         Changhyoup Lee
      • 12:20:12:40h
      • Gap plasmon induced enhancement of excitonic emission from graphene oxide quantum dots
         Arup Neogi
      • 12:40:13:00h
      • Topologically protected plasmons and excitons
         Joel Yuen-Zhou
      • 15:00:15:35h
      • Large suppression of quantum fluctuations of light from a single emitter by an optical nanostructure.
         M. Agio
      • 15:35:16:10h
      • Resonant coupling of individual quantum emitters and localized surface plasmons.
         S. Bozhevolnyi
      • 16:10:16:45h
      • Molecular electronic plasmonics
         C. Nijhuis
      • 17:00:20:15h
      • Poster session

        Thursday, March 12
        • 15:20:15:55h
        • Active Surface Plasmon Photonics.
           P. Berini
        • 15:55:16:30h
        • Ultimate limits of plasmonic enhancement.
           J. Kurgin
        • 16:30:16:50h
        • Lasing in plasmonic periodic, aperiodic, and disordered systems.
           F. Koenderink
        • 16:50:17:10h
        • Polarized Tamm plasmon laser.
           Joel Bellessa
        • 17:10:17:30h
        • Controlling radiation reaction in a coupled nanoantenna-microcavity system.
           E. Verhagen
        • 18:00:18:35h
        • Quantum information processing with atoms coupled to waveguides and cavities.
           A. Sorensen
        • 18:35:18:55h
        • Cold atoms nanophotonics: a platform for quantum simulation and information.
        • 18:55:19:15h
        • Strong coupling between individual plasmonic nanoparticles and molecular excitons.
           T. Shegai
        • 19:15:19:35h
        • Efficient Emission and Directional Nanoscale Guiding of Single Photons Based on Excitation of Gap Surface Plasmons
           H. Lian

          Friday, March 13
          • 09:00:09:35h
          • Approaching the quantum limit for metal nanoparticle plasmonics.
             Garnett W. Bryant
          • 09:35:10:10h
          • Quantum optics with surface plasmons.
             J. J. Greffet
          • 10:10:10:45h
          • First-Principles View of Quantum Plasmonic and Electronic Transport
             P. Narang
          • 10:45:11:15h
          • Chiral interaction of light and matter in confined geometries
             A. Rauschenbeutel

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