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Partial differential equations, optimal design and numerics

(Dedicated to the memory of Vicent Caselles)

2013, Aug 25 -- Sep 05

G. Buttazzo (U. Pisa)
O. Glass (Ceremade)
E. Zuazua (BCAM - Ikerbasque)

Dedicated to the memory of Vicent Caselles

Professor Pedro Pascual, the founder of the Benasque Center, wanted Applied Mathematics to be represented in its agenda of activities. This led to these series of meetings, started in 2005.

The Applied Mathematics family participating in Benasque has grown and evolved in these eight years. New researchers have joined and some of the youngest participants in the first edition are now confirmed researchers.

Unfortunately, a few days ago, we lost one of the very Benasque colleagues. Vicent Caselles (1960-2013) passed away and we all lost one of the very best scientists and individuals taking part in our meetings.

This 5th edition of this Benasque meeting in PDEs, Optimal Design and Numerics is dedicated to his memory.

We will very much miss Vicent here and ever, his maths, talent and silent charm.

We also express our friendship, recognition and support to his wife Coloma and their son, Vicent Jr., who have actively participated in all these meetings as well.

The main purpose of this Workshop-Summer School is to build an opportunity to share recent results, ideas and projects related to the theory of Partial Differential Equations (PDE), with particular emphasis on issues related with its numerical approximation, the optimal design and control. The Workshop will be developed, in the spirit of the Centro de Ciencias Pedro Pascual Centre in an international atmosphere, giving the opportunity to alternate and combine seminars with informal discussions, and joint work activities in its premises.

This event serves also as a meeting point of researchers, both junior and senior, and a unique place to know each other and build-up new projects.

Those participants who want to contribute to the activity by a speech and / or by a coordination of a working session on one of the research topics must include in their registration a short resume, a presentation letter and a recommendation writing.

For further information you can contact to benasque@bcamath.org or info@benasque.org

Download conference poster here.

IMPORTANT: ALL accommodation reservations MUST be booked by the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque.

Call for contributions

Participants who would like to contribute a “talk” can apply by submitting a title and abstract here. You have to be registered before submitting any contribution.

Participants will be informed shortly afterwards whether their contribution has been accepted.


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