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Quantum Mechanics, Operator Theory and the Riemann Zeta function

2012, Jun 17 -- Jun 23

J.P. Keating (U. Bristol, UK)
J.C. Lagarias (U. Michigan, USA)
G. Sierra (CSIC-UAM, Spain)

Monday, June 18
  • 08:30h
  • Registration
  • 09:30h
  • Riemann and quantum
     M. Berry
  • 11:30h
  • Statistics of zeros of zeta functions associated to polynomials over a finite field
     Z. Rudnick
  • 16:00h
  • Towards a construction of the Riemann Hamiltonian
     M. Srednicki
  • 17:30h
  • Finite Euler Products and the Riemann Hypothesis
     S. Gonek

    Tuesday, June 19
    • 09:30h
    • Thoughts on the Riemann Hypothesis
       B. Conrey
    • 11:30h
    • Hilbert Space of Entďre Functions, Operator Theory and The Riemann Zeta Function
       J. Lagarias
    • 16:00h
    • The quantum Mellin transformation: a connection between the Riemann Zeta function and QM on the half-line
       J. Twamley
    • 17:30h
    • Poisson-Newton formula
       R. Pérez-Marco
    • 22:00h
    • Riemann Sketch Program
       Piano concert by the duo Iberian Klavier
    • Riemann Sketch
       Iberian Klavier (M. Tévar and L. Sierra)

      Wednesday, June 20
      • 09:30h
      • The arithmetic curve, Witt vectors, and zeta
         A. Connes
      • 11:30h
      • The universal thickening of real and complex numbers: towards an archimedean analogue of Fontaine's theory
         C. Consani
      • 16:00h
      • Zeta functions and toroidal automorphic forms
         G. Cornelissen
      • 17:30h
      • Arithmetic of Calabi - Yan Manifolds
         X. de la Ossa
      • 18:30h
      • Poster session

        Thursday, June 21
        • 09:00h
        • Zeta function, Lattice points and energy of large atoms
           A. Cordoba
        • 10:00h
        • Crossing probabilities, their densities, and modular forms
           P. Kleban
        • 11:30h
        • Deformations of the Number-Theoretical Spin Chain
           A. Knauf
        • 16:00h
        • Large values and Random Matrices
           G. Hiary
        • 17:30h
        • Freezing and extreme values

          Friday, June 22
          • 09:00h
          • Exceptions and Number Theory
             B. L. Julia
          • 10:00h
          • On some functions verifying a Riemann Hypothesis
             J-F. Burnol
          • 11:30h
          • H=xy and beyond

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