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2012, Mar 11 -- Mar 17

L. Martín Moreno (ICMA, CSIC - U. Zaragoza)
N. Van Hulst (ICFO, Barcelona)

Scope of the conference

Nanolight.es aims at the exploration of the frontiers in the field of subwavelength optics. The scientific programme will include both invited and selected contributed papers with the focus on plasmonics, molecular nanophotonics, local field enhancement, near-field optics and nanobiophotonics.

The meeting will take place in Benasque, which is a beautiful village with a famous sky resource, located in the heart of the Pyrenees, close to the Spanish border with France.

The objective of this conference is to facilitate interaction between worldwide researchers working in the field, with a special emphasis on interaction between young and more experienced researchers. To this end, presentations will be given in the afternoons. Mornings will be left free, so participants may enjoy the mountains and/or the excellent working environment provided by the Centro de Ciencias in Benasque (see http://benasque.org/ for information about the centre facilities).

This conference is organized by the spanish research consortium Nanolight.es (http://nanolight.es/team), financed by the CONSOLIDER-INGENIO 2010 Program of the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. This is a blue-sky project aimed to develop nanoscale light technology for applications in sensing, nanoimaging optical circuitry and data storage, the key components of future information technology, and to consolidate a Spanish consortium acting as an international reference in this field.

Invited speakers

W. L. Barnes A. Dereux T. W. Ebbesen N. Engheta
J. Gomez-Rivas R. Hillenbrand F. Keilmann
T. Kippenberg L. Liz-Marzan P. Lodahl P. Berini
S. Maier L. Novotny
V. Sandoghdar D. Wiersma T. Zentgraf Z. Gaburro

Nanolight partners

F. J. Garcia de Abajo F. J. Garcia-Vidal C. Lopez
L. Martin-Moreno J. Martorell F. Messeguer
R. Quidant J. J. Saenz N. Van Hulst
M. N. Vesperinas

Call for participation

The deadline for abstract submission was November, 9 (2011) (out of date). Abstracts acceptance will be notified on November, 25 (2011).

Registration Fee

The registration fee for the conference is:

Before 15 February:
bank transfer
After 15 February:
On site (cash only) / Bank Transfer
Regular300 euros.450 euros.
Student150 euros.300 euros.

The registration fee must be paid to the account of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual after your application has been accepted. Please indicate your name and the title of the conference in the transfer subject. Please, send a confirmation (including your name, conference name and transfer details) by e-mail to info@benasque.org

Ibercaja (account number): 2085 2310 3803 3004 4193
IBAN: ES44 2085 2310 3803 3004 4193

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