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Congreso GESTA 2009

2009, Sep 13 -- Sep 19

F. Presas (CSIC, Madrid)
L. Gómez de Quiroga (CSIC, Madrid)

Gesta is an acronym for Geometría Simpléctica con Técnicas Algebraicas (Symplectic Geometry with Algebraic Techniques). It is the name of a Spanish group of mathematicians interested in Symplectic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics. The group organizes a Workshop every year. The 9th Workshop will have its focus in the interaction between Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry.

This year is the 60th birthday of Ignacio Sols, one of the group founders. We will celebrate it during the days of the conference. This fact has encouraged us to mix algebraic and symplectic geometry topics all over the conference, with a special reference to the Mirror Symmetry Program.

Organizing Committee

Francisco Presas (CSIC, Spain)
Tomás Gómez de Quiroga (CSIC, Spain)
Vicente Muñoz (CSIC, Spain)
Ignasi Mundet (UB, Spain)
Eva Miranda (UPC, Spain)
Carlos Tejero (USAL, Spain)

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