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V Cajal Winter Conference

2009, Mar 08 -- Mar 12

Sociedad Española de Neurociencia

The Sociedad Española de NeuroCiencia (SENC) announces the celebration of the Fifth Cajal Winter Conference, on Neuronal generation, growth and degeneration.

The aim of the CWC is to bring together specialists, mainly from Spain, in a specific area of Neuroscience to present their recent data and discuss on common interests in an open, informal atmosphere with international leaders in the field. The past conferences were devoted to new therapeutic strategies in neurological illnesses (2005), to the cerebral cortex (2006), to mental illnesses (2007) and to the neural basis of cognition (2008). Invited speakers include: Ron D.G. McKay, Anders Björklund, Eva Mezey, Arthur Konnerth, Ranulfo Romo, Mriganka Sur, George F. Koob, Anthony A. Grace, Trevor W. Robbins, Adam Sillito and Ray Dolan.

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