Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual

Guided tours

Guided tours

The visits to the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual can be done in the following ways:

        - Open Days
        We organize guided tours every Friday (only summer) at 11:00 am.
        The estimated duration of the visit is about 45 minutes.

        - Arranged visits for schools
        The guided tour of the center offered to school groups can also include projection of a scientific video entitled         "Unvierso extremo." This documentary discloses how to detect gamma rays that reach Earth from turbulent         places in the universe.
        The total estimated duration of the visit is one hour.

The building of the Centro de Ciencias Pedro Pascual has been designed for the conduct of international scientific meetings and is the work of the architect Isabel Pascual. The building design includes energy saving measures:

        - Biomass heating (which makes the center neutral in CO2 emissions)
        - Underfloor heating at low temperature, subdivided and controlled by computer
        - Openings prioritized on the south side of the building
        - Home automation lighting control
        - Six layers of insulation
        - Roof designed to allow natural ventilation, without air conditioning
        - Solar panels

Some of the furniture in the building is a work by Benedetta Tagliabue's architecture firm (EMBT).

The Center strives to consume fair trade and organic local produce.

Contact: info@benasque.org

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