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Monday, July 14

General Meeting - 11:00, Seminar Room (School)

The Rolling Tachyon as a Matrix Model
Neil CONSTABLE - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Tuesday, July 15

Shamit KACHRU - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

The Black Hole Singularity in AdS/CFT
Stephen SHENKER - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Wednesday, July 16

Plane Wave Matrix Theory from N=4 SYM on R×S³
Jan PLEFKA - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Andy STROMINGER - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Thursday, July 17

String Interactions from Gauge Fields
Jaume GOMIS - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Discussion Group: Strings in pp-wave background and N=4 SYM
16:00, Seminar Room (School)

Duality Walls in String Theory
Amihay HANANY - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Friday, July 18

Holography in Flat Space
Raphael BOUSSO - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Mathematics for String Theory
Shing-Tung YAU - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Monday, July 21

Cosmic Acceleration from Compactification
Paul TOWNSEND - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

(Anti-) D Sitter Space and 4d Holography
Eva SILVERSTEIN - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Tuesday, July 22

Vortices in String Theory
David TONG - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Wednesday, July 23

How to prove the BMN correspondence
Marcus SPRADLIN - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

C-deformation and Non-planar Diagrams
Hirosi OOGURI - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Thursday, July 24

A Hagedorn Transition in weakly coupled Yang Mills
Shiraz MINWALLA - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Some recent work on the Salam-Sezgin model
Gary GIBBONS - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)