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Monday, June 23

General Meeting - 11h, Casa de la Cultura

Tuesday, June 24

Graph states and their applications
Hans BRIEGEL - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Wednesday, June 25

Entanglement, quantum critical phenomena, and efficient simulation of quantum dynamics
Guifré VIDAL - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Thursday, June 26

If not Schmidt, then who? (15 minutes of remarks)
Stability of macroscopic entanglement under decoherence
Mary Beth RUSKAI, Wolfgang DÜR - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Friday, June 27

Spatial correlations of entangled states and EPR-Bell experiments (Quantum information in space and time)
Igor VOLOVICH - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Unconditional security of B92 quantum key distribution
Masato KOASHI - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Monday, June 30

How to measure expectation values of arbitrary operators
Juan Pablo PAZ - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Tuesday, July 1

Characterizing entanglement via uncertainty relations
Otfried GÜHNE - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Quantum walks on general graphs
Viv KENDON - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Wednesday, July 2

Local/Non-local complementarity, phase transitions and information space
Jonathan OPPENHEIM - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Universal observables
Giacomo Mauro D'ARIANO - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Thursday, July 3

Will quantum information processing ever really happen?
David DiVINCENZO - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Friday, July 4

Generalized entanglement
Howard BARNUM - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Monday, July 7

Spin chains and beyond
Discussion group chaired by Guifré VIDAL - 17:00, Seminar Room (School)

Tuesday, July 8

Equivalence of additivity questions
Mary Beth RUSKAI - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Quantum algorithms and graphs
Robert RAUSSENDORF - 18:30, Seminar Room (School)

Wednesday, July 9

On state randomization and its applications
Debbie LEUNG - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Thursday, July 10

Uncertainty relations and the limits on quantum computation
Masanao OZAWA - 12:30, Seminar Room (School)

Hashing inequalities and their consequences
Pawel HORODECKI - 13:00, Seminar Room (School)