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Monday, July 28

General Meeting
Sean EDDY - 9:00 h, Seminar Room (School)

Stochastic context-free grammars
Sean EDDY - 11:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

Organizational Meeting
18:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

Tuesday, July 29

Structural Motif Discovery
François MAJOR, Daniel GAUTHERET - 11:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

François MAJOR, Michael ZUKER, Fabrice JOSSINET - 18:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

Wednesday, July 30

Comparison of RNA 2D structures
Robert GIEGERICH - 11:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

RNA processing, splicing, degradation and regulation
Steven BRENNER - 18:30 h, Seminar Room, informal session.

Thursday, July 31

Tutorial on 3D structure prediction
Eric WESTHOF - 9:00 h, Seminar Room (School)

How good is a sample of size one, even if it is optimal?
Charles LAWRENCE, Ye DING - 11:30h, Seminar Room (School)

"Pseudo free energies" for base pair stacking & 2x2 loop.
Michael ZUKER - 18:30h, Seminar Room (School)

Friday, August 1

Finding a secondary structure common to multiple sequences
David MATHEWS, Jan GORODKIN - 11:30h, Seminar Room (School)

Workshop on applications of Sankoff algorithm
17:00h, Seminar Room (School)

Predicting consensus structure from sequence alignement
Ivo HOFACKER, Gerhard STEGER, Elena RIVAS - 18:30h, Seminar Room (School)

Monday, August 4

Genome annotation
Mark YANDELL - 11:30h, Seminar Room (School)

The algebraic dynamic programming (in)formalism
Robert GIEGERICH - 16:00h, Seminar Room (School)

Gene prediction
Todd LOWE, Christine GASPIN - 18:30h, Seminar Room (School)

Tuesday, August 5

Tutorial on 3D structure prediction (Cont.)
Eric WESTHOF - 9:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

Steven BRENNER, Sam GRIFFITHS-JONES - 11:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

Time warping and functional genomics
Peter CLOTE - 16:00h Seminar Room (School)

Wednesday, August 6

Thermodynamic parameters
David MATHEWS - 9:30h Seminar Room (School)

Kinetics of RNA folding
Peter STADLER - 11:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

Evolutionary SCFGs
Ian HOLMES - 18:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

Thursday, August 7

Evolution of RNA
Ian HOLMES, Bjarne KNUDSEN - 11:30 h, Seminar Room (School)

Open problems
18:30 h, Seminar Room (School)