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Monday 9

"Scheme independence"
J.I.Latorre (Univ. Barcelona) - Seminar room, 11.15 h

"Renormalization by enforcing a symmetry"
Andrei Slavnov (Steklov Math. Inst and Moscow Univ.) - Seminar room, 18.00 h

Tuesday 10

T. R. Morris (Univ. Southampton) - Seminar room, 12.30 h

"Integrability and conformal symmetry in the BCS model"
G. Sierra (CSIC) - Seminar room, 18.30 h

Wednesday 11

"Bose-Einstein condensate in weakly interacting gases"
J. Zinn-Justin (Saclay) - Seminar room, 18.30 h

Thursday 12

"Relative Entropy in Quantum Field Theory"
J. Gaite (Inst. Bioastrofísica) - Seminar room, 12.00 h

"Strings and pions"
D. Espriu (Univ. Barcelona) - Seminar room, 12.45 h

"Anomaly-induced inflation and the need for the decoupling mechanism"
I. Shapiro (Univ. Zaragoza) - Seminar room, 18.00 h

"Renormalizing the Lippmann-Schwinger equation for the one pion exchange potential"
J. Soto (Univ. Barcelona) - Seminar room, 18.45 h

Friday 13

"Leading log resummation and the renormalization group"
S. Forte (INFN, Univ. Roma 3) - Seminar room, 10.00 h

Monday 16

"Cohomogeneity one metrics of special holonomy"
G. Gibbons (DAMTP, Univ. Cambridge) - Seminar room, 15.15h

Tuesday 17

"Gauge invariant words and the 5th dimension"
A. Polyakov (Princeton Univ.) - Casa de la Cultura, 12.30h

"Little string theory and AdS_3"
D. Kutasov (Univ. Chicago) - Seminar room, 18:30h

Wednesday 18

"Giant gravitons in CFT"
M. Berkooz (Weizmann Institute of Science) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Holography and cosmology"
T. Banks (U.C. Santa Cruz, Rutgers Univ.) - Seminar room, 18:30h

Thursday 19

"Aspects of NCOS thermodynamics"
E. Rabinovici (Racah Inst.) - Casa de Cultura, 12.30h

"The dS/CFT correspondence"
A. Strominger (Harvard) - Seminar room, 18:30h

Friday 20

"D-branes, derived categories and all that"
M. Douglas (Rutgers, IHES) - Seminar room, 11:00h

Monday 23

"Wrapped branes and exceptional holonomy"
Jaume Gomis (Caltech) - Seminar room, 12:30h

"Multi-trace operators and non-local string theories"
O. Aharony (Weizmann I. of Sc.) - Seminar room, 18:30h

Tuesday 24

"Deformed branes and special holonomy"
C. Pope (Texas A&M) - Seminar room, 12:30h

"Vacuum string field theory"
L. Rastelli (Princeton) - Seminar room, 18:30h

Wednesday 25

"Holographic Renormalization"
K. Skenderis (Princeton) - Seminar room, 12:30h

"Open and Closed String Interpretation of SUSY CFT's on Branes with Boundaries"
A. Karch (MIT) - Seminar room, 18:30h

Thursday 26

"SUGRA dual of a cascading confining gauge theory"
I. Klebanov (Princeton) - Casa de la Cultura, 12:30h

"Gauge theory model building with D-branes"
A. Uranga (CERN) - Seminar room, 18:30h