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Tuesday 6

"Fluctuations in Bose-Einstein condensates"
K. Rzazewski (PAN, Warsaw) - Seminar room, 12.30h

Wednesday 7

"Dissipative dynamics of vortices and kinks"
P. Fedichev (FOM Amolf) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Collective laser cooling of trapped bosonic gases"
L. Santos (Univ. Hannover) - Seminar room, 18.30h

Thursday 8

"Atom optics with Bose-Einstein condensates"
W. Ertmer (Univ. Hannover) - Casa de la Cultura, 18.00h

Friday 9

"Four-wave mixing"
M. Trippenbach (Ben Gurion Univ.) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Generation of vorticity with "phase imprinting""
M. Lewenstein (Univ. Hannover) - Seminar room, 18.30h

"Excitations on superfluid Fermi gases"
M. Baranov (Kurchatov Institute) - Seminar room, 18.30h

Monday 12

"Some considerations concerning the behaviour of a BEC in a toroidal trap"
A. Leggett (Univ. Illinois) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Localization of light in a BEC"
Y. Castin (Ecole Normale Superieure) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"A proposal for a continuous atom laser"
Y. Castin (Ecole Normale Superieure) - Seminar room, 18.30h

"BEC with long range magnetic dipole-dipole interactions"
K. Goral (Pol. Acad. of Sciences) - Seminar room, 18.30h

Tuesday 13

"Josephson effect between two coupled BECs"
W. Zwerger(Univ. Munich) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Ground state energy of the low density Bose gas"
C. Jäekel (Univ. Innsbruck) - Seminar room, 18.30h

Wednesday 14

"Phase dynamics and measurement in BEC"
F. Sols (Univ. Autonoma Madrid) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Quantized dynamics of dark solitons"
J. Anglin (Univ. Innsbruck) - Seminar room, 18.30h

Thursday 15

"BECs, Atom Lasers and Coherent Atom Optics"
K. Helmerson (NIST) - Casa de la Cultura, 18.30h

Friday 16

"Phase coherence properties of BECs"
A. Sinatra (École Normale Superieure) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Condensate growth"
C. Gardiner (Univ. Wellington) - Seminar room, 18.30h

Monday 19

"Transition temperature of the interacting homogeneous Bose gas"
M. Holzmann (Lab. Kastler-Brossel) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Rotating Bose gases"
D. Rokhsar (Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab.) - Seminar room, 18.30h

Tuesday 20

"BEC in quasi-2D gases"
G. Shlyapnikov (Kurchatov Inst.) - Seminar room, 12.30h

"Transversality and non-linear quantum revivals in BEC"