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Seminar Schedule

Tuesday 11

A. Pich (IFIC) - Seminar room, 11.30h

"Infra-red soft universality and SUSY GUTS"
I. Jack - Seminar room, 17.00h

Wednesday 12

"Recent developments in chiral perturbation theory"
G. Ecker - Seminar room, 11.30h

"Susy gauge theories"
L. Álvarez-Gaumé - Seminar room, 17.00h

Thursday 13

"The future of particle physics"
D. Gross - General colloquium, top floor Casa de la Cultura, 17.30h

Friday 14

"ENJL models: applications and questions"
J. Bijnens - Seminar room, 11.30h

"Susy gauge theories II"
L. Álvarez-Gaumé - Seminar room, 17.30h

Monday 17

"Generalized chiral perturbation theory"
M. Knecht - Seminar room, 11.30h

"QCD inequalities in chiral perturbation theory"
J.I. Latorre - Seminar room, 12.00h

"Applications of boundary theories"
A. LeClair - Seminar room, 17.30h

Tuesday 18

"Anomalous magnetic moment of the muon: hadronic contributions"
E. Pallante - Seminar room, 11.30h

"Weak contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon"
S. Peris - Seminar room, 12.15h

"Boundary conformal field theory"
H. Osborn - Seminar room, 17.00h

"Exact Infrared Behavior of N=2 strings"
J. Distler - Seminar room, 17.30h

Wednesday 1

J. Bernabeu - Seminar room, 11.30h

"Momentum loop dynamics and large N_c QCD"
A. Migdal - Seminar room, 17.30h

Thursday 20

"Physics of renormalons"
V. Zakharov - General colloquium, top floor Casa de la Cultura, 17.30h

Friday 21

"Brief introduction to the pinch technique"
J. Papavassiliou - Seminar room, 11.30h

"Gauge-invariant Dyson summation and the effective charge in QCD"
J. Watson - Seminar room, 12.00h

"Exact infrared behavior of N=2 strings, II"
J. Distler - Seminar room, 17.30h

Monday 24

"Overview of Heavy Quark Effective Theory"
T. Mannel - Seminar room, 11.30h

Journal Club: Discussion led by J. Barbón on t'Hooft's paper on the abelian projection of non-abelian theories.
Seminar room, 16.00h

"W-infinity and the quantum Hall effect"
A. Cappelli - Seminar room, 17.30h

Tuesday 25

"Heavy quarks on the lattice"
L. Lellouch - Seminar room, 11.30h

"Small x"
R. Ball - Seminar room, 12.00h

"Exact Properties in N=0"
S. Hsu - Seminar room, 17.30h

Wednesday 26

"Effective theories in the electroweak sector"
A. Santamaria - Seminar room, 11.30h

"Results in integrable systems"
T. Hollowood - Seminar room, 17.30h

"Two-dimensional Z_n models"
P.E. Dorey - Seminar room, 18.00h

Thursday 27

"QCD in Benasque"
E. de Rafael - Seminar room, 11.30h

"N=2,1,0 in Benasque"
L. Alvarez-Gaume - Seminar room, 17.30h