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Pirineos Dog Festival

2016, Jun 11 -- Jun 26

Club Agility l'Almozara (Zaragoza)
Hotel La Casa del Río (Valle de Benasque)

Welcome to the PirineosDogfestival, the largest canine sporting event in Europe. We have prepared the best canine sports competitions Agility, Canicross, Dogfrisbee and Obedience in a paradise, Benasque Valley (http://www.benasque.com/), a perfect combination of dog sports and nature.

More than 13,000 euros in prizes 15 days of competitions and seminars from 11 to 26 June 2016. You can enjoy hundreds of activities throughout the valley and we ensure a memorable vacation in which we can live many experiences, unforgettable trails with our dogs, rafting, paragliding in the best places to fly in Europe, mountain biking, climbing.... If you can not compete, come anyway to watch the event. Nobody will go back the same!

We will begin June 11 with 4 spectacular canicross competitions in very demanding conditions of altitude in the picturesque setting of the Benasque Valley, the CanicrossXtrem

18-19-20 our biggest agility competition in Spain. It will take place in the Benasque football pitch the Galican AGILITY CUP, where you can compete with the best agility handlers in the world such as Pavol Vakonik, JouniOrenius , or Gregory Bielle Renaud, Castelain-Biladot... among others. Where there are some great prizes at stake, a Galican agility course for the winner!! 1,000 eur. runner up and 500 eur. for the third place.

We will enjoy a agility seminar with the champions Pavol Vakonic - Martina Vakonikova or Jouni Orenius - Isabels Emanuelsson - Asa Emanuelsson. On 24-25-26 we
have more agility, in this case FCI, with three heats for the Spanish RSCE championship.

On the 24th in the Benasque football pitch FRISBEE PRO PLAN CUP will bring toguether the best Spanish and European competitors from this spectacular discipline that will leave you with your mouth wide open.

We end these wonderful days of competition with the BENASQUE OBEDIENCE WINNER (25-26 June) international obedience competition. It will take place at the Benasque football pitch.

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