Quantum Science: Implementations


D. Chang (ICFO, Barcelona), J. J. García-Ripoll (IFF-CSIC, Madrid), P. Rabl (TU Munich / WMI, Munich), O. Romero-Isart (IQOQI, Innsbruck)

This workshop is intended to discuss recent progress and challenges in the physical implementation of quantum science (e.g. quantum information and computation, simulation, cryptography, metrology, foundations, etc.). Therefore, the workshop aims at a balanced mixture between theorists and experimentalists from a variety of fields: optical lattices, trapped ions, atomic ensembles, cavity QED, NV-centers, quantum dots, quantum circuits, quantum nanomechanical resonators, (nano)photonics, etc.

The workshop uses a format which is similar to the Aspen and KITP meetings, with a very limited number of official talks so that participants interact at will. In particular, we invite around 10 prominent scientists (mainly experimentalists, see list below) in order to have an introductory talk every day for stimulating discussions. Participants are encouraged to profit from the optimal installations at the Benasque Science Center (CCBPP), which includes offices, blackboards, and seminar rooms to self-organize discussions, lectures, talks, etc. Benasque, with its beautiful valley, sports facilities, and local exquisite restaurants, offers an ideal atmosphere to trigger inspiring discussions and boost the social relations among scientists.

While the schedule of the workshop is quite informal, theorists (experimentalists) are strongly encouraged to stay two weeks (at least one week) in order to take full advantage of the scientific atmosphere.

Bus transportation for participants will be organized by the Center. In particular, there will be a bus connection between Barcelona (including airport) and Benasque. The trip takes approximately 6 hours. Alternatively the trip by car takes approximately 3,5 hours. The CCBPP center can also be reached with public transportation, using buses that depart from Zaragoza's (4 hours) and Barcelona's (6 hours) high speed train stations.

The CCBPP will assist in securing a number of affordable accommodation options including hotels and short-term apartment rentals. The registration fee (see below for details) covers the use of the CCBPP (offices, computers room, etc), bus transportation, a daily coffee break and weekly wine and cheese receptions.

Invited speakers

- Jean-Baptiste Beguin (Niels Bohr Institute)
- Audrey Bienfait (ENS Lyon)
- Kyung Choi (Q-Block Computing)
- Alex High (Univ. Chicago)
- Gerhard Kirchmair (U. of Innsbruck)
- Hanna Le Jeannic (CNRS)
- Julian Leonard (TU Wien)
- Massimiliano Rossi (ETH Zurich)
- Jürgen Volz (HU Berlin)

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