Strings 007

2007, July 1 -- July 13

Profs.: D. Z. Freedman (MIT)
J. Gomis (Perimeter Institute)
D. Lust (Max Planck Munich)

Participants are expected to arrive on July 1 and leave on July 13.
Free buses will depart from Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647 (metro: Palau Reial, green line) at 15.00h with a stop at the airport bays between terminal A and B at 15.30h on Barcelona-Benasque, July 1 and Madrid-Benasque, July 1.
Return buses from Benasque to Barcelona airport will depart at 9.00h on Benasque-Barcelona, July 13 and Benasque-Madrid, July 13. The trip by bus takes 6h. The trip by car only takes 3.5h.

This session has received financial support from the following institutions:
BBVA, Ayuntamiento de Benasque, Universitat de Barcelona and Universidad de Zaragoza.