Quantum Information

2007, June 10 -- June 29

Profs.: I. Cirac (MPI, Munich)
A. Ekert (U. Cambridge)

There will be very limited financial support (a few grants of 300 euros each). The deadline to apply for financial support is May 15. The assignment will be made public in the middle of May.

Participants are expected to arrive on June 10 and leave on June 29.
Free buses will depart from Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647 (metro: Palau Reial, green line) at 15.00h with a stop at the airport bays between terminal A and B at 15.30h on Barcelona-Benasque, June 10.
Return buses from Benasque to Barcelona airport will depart at 9.00h on Benasque-Barcelona, June 29. The trip by bus takes 6h. The trip by car only takes 3.5h.

This session has received financial support from the following institutions:
BBVA, Ayuntamiento de Benasque, Universitat de Barcelona and Universidad de Zaragoza.