Computational approaches to functional and regulatory RNAs

2006, July 16 -- July 28

Profs.  E. Rivas   (Washington U., St Louis)
             E. Westhof  (U. Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg)

The main goal of this workshop is to bring together the leaders in the field of RNA informatics. The participants will be mostly computational biologists which have already shown significant contributions in RNA bioinformatics. We will discuss the needs of the field, and will identify the new methods and algorithms that will shape the field in the near future. The workshop is be oriented towards performing actual research on the site.
The main topics of discussion will be:

  • Algorithms for the prediction of two and three dimensional RNA structures. Inference of RNA function.
  • Computational methods for the discovery of novel RNA genes and tools for the systematic genomic annotation of RNA genes. RNA databases.
  • RNA structural alignments and homology searches. How to improve RNA similarity searches by taking into account the structure as well as the sequence information.

Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday July 16 and leave on Friday July 28.
A free bus will depart from Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647 ( metro: Palau Reial, green line) at 15.00h with a stop at the airport bays between terminal A and B at 15.30h on July 16. A return bus Benasque to Barcelona airport will depart at 9.00h on July 28. The trip by bus takes 6h. The trip by car only takes 3.5h.

This session has received financial support from the following institutions: BBVA, Ayuntamiento de Benasque, Universitat de Barcelona and Universidad de Zaragoza.