Partial Differential Equations, Optimal Design and Numerics

2005, August 28 -- September 9

Profs.  Giuseppe Buttazzo   (U. Pisa ;
             Enrique Zuazua  (U. Autónoma Madrid;

The workshop is intended to provide a fruitful atmosphere for discussions and joint research work on themes involving partial differential equations and their applications to shape optimization, optimal control problems, singularities in fracture mechanics and fluid dynamics, and numerical analysis. The work will be focused on new research trends in the fields above, in order to stimulate collaborations among participants by means of various activities on the basis of a daily programme (talks, seminars, minicourses, discussions, ...)

The activity is mainly intended for young scientists as PhD students and post-docs, and will be held thanks to the participation of a number of world leader mathematicians.

The daily schedule will be flexible to better fit the needs and interests of participants. As a reference and in order to orient the daily activities, a global address to all participants will be delivered every morning and afternoon by some scientific leaders of the activity.

A preliminary list of confirmed invited scientists participating in the activity includes:
L. AMBROSIO (SNS Pisa, Italy), V. CASELLES (Pompeu Fabra), G. DAL MASO (SISSA Trieste, Italy), J. P. PUEL (U. Versailles, France), J. RAUCH (U. Michigan, USA), T. SOUGANIDIS (U. Texas, USA).

The Center opens a web space for participants to share whatever document they may consider relevant for discussions. Any participant can upload or download material:

The center provides well equipped common discussion rooms with blackboards for group discussions and specific more specizalized lectures. Each participant will have his own desk. The center is also equiped with wireless internet connection and a computer room. Bringing portable computers is encouraged.

This session has received financial support from the following institutions: BBVA, Ayuntamiento de Benasque, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidad de Zaragoza, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, European Network SMART SYSTEMS, SEMA (Sociedad Espaņola de Matematica Aplicada), RSME (Real Sociedad Espaņola de Matematicas), Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia and Università degli Studi di Pisa.