Terrestrial and Cosmic Neutrinos, leptogenesis and Cosmology

2004, July 4 -- July 23

Profs.  José Bernabeu   (Univ. València;  jose.bernabeu@uv.es )
             David L. Wark  (Sussex Univ.; D.L.Wark@rl.ac.uk)

Neutrino physics has gone through a recient period of intense experimental and theoretical research. New results from atmospheric, solar and accelerator experiments show that neutrinos carry a mass and that they follow quantum oscilations. This Benasque session will encourage the exchange of ideas and proposals in several topics. On the experimental side, it will focus on what are the setups to complete the determination of the parameters controling neutrino properties, including the possible violation of matter-antimatter symmetry and the observation of neutrinos coming from the cosmos. On the theoretical side, discussions will be held on the origin of masses, the asymmetry matter-antimatter and the influence of neutrinos in the evolution of the universe.
The aim of the workshop will be to estimulate discussions and collaborations among participants, with a low number of seminars. Desks and computer facilities will be provided.

Scientific Program

This session has received financial support from the following institutions: BBVA, Ayuntamiento de Benasque, Universitat de Barcelona and Universidad de Zaragoza.