QIP 2014 - Tuesday Poster Session

Valerio Scarani, Yu Cai, Xingyao Wu, Rafael Rabelo and Huy Nguyen Le. Computing and witnessing the complexity of quantum states
Robin Kothari. An optimal quantum algorithm for the oracle identification problem
Michael Jarret and Stephen Jordan. Discrete analogues of the fundamental gap theorem
Rafael Alexander, Seiji Armstrong, Ryuji Ukai and Nicolas Menicucci. Noise analysis of single-qumode Gaussian operations using continuous-variable cluster states
Jisho Miyazaki, Michal Hajdusek and Mio Murao. Translating measurement-based quantum computations with gflow into quantum circuits
Andrew Childs, Robin Kothari, Maris Ozols and Martin Roetteler. Multiregister quantum algorithms to compute convolutions and hidden shifts
Piotr Cwiklinski, Michal Studzinski, Michal Horodecki and Jonathan Oppenheim. Thermodynamical processing of coherences
Courtney Brell, Simon Burton, Guillaume Dauphinais, Steve Flammia and David Poulin. Quantum Error Correction for Non-Abelian Anyons
Martin Suchara, Arvin Faruque, Ching-Yi Lai, Gerardo Paz-Silva, Fred Chong and John Kubiatowicz. Comparing the Overhead of Topological and Concatenated Quantum Error Correctio
Nicolas Menicucci. Fault-tolerant measurement-based quantum computing using Gaussian continuous-variable cluster states
Shota Yokoyama, Ryuji Ukai, Seiji Armstrong, Chanond Sornphiphatphong, Toshiyuki Kaji, Shigenari Suzuki, Jun-Ichi Yoshikawa, Hidehiro Yonezawa, Nicolas Menicucci and Akira Furusawa. Ultra-Large-Scale Continuous-Variable Cluster States Multplexed in the Time Domain
Manish Gupta and Mark Wilde. Multiplicativity of completely bounded p-norms implies a strong converse for entanglement-assisted capacity
Rotem Arnon-Friedman and Renato Renner. de Finetti reductions beyond quantum theory
Luis A. Correa, José P. Palao, Daniel Alonso and Gerardo Adesso. Quantum-enhanced absorption refrigerators
Marcio F. Cornelio. Multipartite monogamy of the concurrence
Ryan Babbush, Peter Love and Alán Aspuru-Guzik. Adiabatic Quantum Simulation of Quantum Chemistry
Bobby Antonio, Damian Markham and Janet Anders. Adiabatic graph-state quantum computation
Thomas Herbst, Thomas Scheidl, Matthias Fink, Johannes Handsteiner, Bernhard Wittmann, Rupert Ursin and Anton Zeilinger. Entanglement swapping over a 143 km free-space link
David Sutter and Joseph M. Renes. About the Structure of Polar Codes
Frank Steinhoff, Marcos Oliveira, Jan Sperling and Werner Vogel. Bipartite bound entanglement in continuous variables through degaussification
Faisal Khan and Ahmed El Hady Hashem. Gaming quantum machine learning
Daniela Frauchiger, Renato Renner and Matthias Troyer. True Randomness from Realistic Quantum Devices
Srinivasan Arunachalam, Abel Molina and Vincent Russo. Quantum hedging in two-round prover-verifier interactions
Jibran Rashid and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. Can we Build a Quantum Finite Automata?
Mohammad Bavarian and Peter W. Shor. Information Causality, Szemeredi-Trotter and Algebraic Variants of CHSH
Reinhard F. Werner, Tomas Rybar and Johannes Gutschow. Memory requirements for general reversible qubit stream processors
Christian Schwemmer, Lukas Knips, Daniel Richart, Tobias Moroder, Matthias Kleinmann, Otfried Gühne and Harald Weinfurter. Systematic errors in current quantum state tomography tools
Marcus Huber, Marti Perarnau-Llobet and Julio de Vicente. The entropy vector formalism and the structure of multidimensional entanglement in multipartite systems
Jeong San Kim, Eunok Bae and Soojoon Lee. Quantum computational algorithm for hidden symmetry subgroup problems on semi-direct product of cyclic groups
Adrian Auer and Guido Burkard. Entanglement Purification with the Exchange Interaction
Robert Sewell, Mario Napolitano, Naeimeh Behbood, Giorgio Colangelo, Ferran Martin Ciurana and Morgan Mitchell. Ultra-sensitive atomic spin measurements with a nonlinear interferometer
Alejandro Mattar, Jonatan Bohr-Brask and Antonio Acín. Device Independent quantum key distribution with spin-coupled cavities
Christine Muschik, Klemens Hammerer, Eugene Polzik and Ignacio Cirac. Quantum Teleportation of Dynamics and Effective Interactions Between Remote Systems
Christine Muschik, Simon Moulieras, Adrian Bachtold, Maciej Lewenstein, Frank Koppens and Darrick Chang. Harnessing vacuum forces for quantum sensing of graphene motion
David Gross, Felix Krahmer and Richard Kueng. Signal Reconstruction from Quadratic Measurements Using Quantum t-Designs
Sania Jevtic, Matthew Pusey, Antony Milne, David Jennings and Terry Rudolph. THE QUANTUM STEERING ELLIPSOID AND ITS APPLICATIONS
Fábio Borges, Raqueline Santos and Franklin Marquezino. Towards Quantum Privacy Preservation in a Smart Grid
Masaki Nakanishi. Quantum Pushdown Automata with Garbage Space
Miki Matsuyama, Yumi Yokoo and Masaki Nakanishi. A Hardware Quantum Circuit Simulator Architecture based on Register Reordering
Sara Di Martino. Moving Walls!
Koenraad Audenaert, Nilanjana Datta and Felix Leditzky. A limit of the quantum Renyi divergence
Antonio D'Arrigo, Rosario Lo Franco, Giuliano Benenti, Elisabetta Paladino and Giuseppe Falci. Recovery of Entanglement by local operations
Dimiter Ostrev and Thomas Vidick. A lower bound on the dimension of entanglement required for approximate strategies in XOR games
Hidefumi Hiraishi, Hiroshi Imai, Yoichi Iwata and Bingkai Lin. Representing Quantum Graph States by Binary Decision Diagrams
Michal Studzinski, Piotr Cwiklinski, Michal Horodecki and Marek Mozrzymas. Commutant structuture of U...UU* transformations and its applications in quantum information theory
Aleksejs Fomins. Quantum Tomography via Hypothesis Testing
Max Frenzel, Terry Rudolph and David Jennings. Pure Qubit Work Extraction Revisited
Nikolajs Nahimovs, Mārtiņš Kokainis and Renato Portugal. Quantum walks on asymmetric two and three dimensional grid
Melvyn Ho, Jean-Daniel Bancal and Valerio Scarani. Device-independent certification of the teleportation of a qubit
Franklin Marquezino, Raqueline Santos and Renato Portugal. Coinless Discrete-Time Quantum Walks on Glued Trees
Andrew Darmawan and Stephen Bartlett. Phases of two-body, frustration-free Hamiltonians that are universal for measurement-based quantum computation.
Jean-Daniel Bancal, Lana Sheridan and Valerio Scarani. More Randomness from the Same Data
Glaucia Murta, Marcelo Terra Cunha and Adán Cabello. Quantum nonlocality as the route for ever-lasting unconditionally secure bit commitment
Mirjam Weilenmann, Lea Krämer, Philippe Faist and Renato Renner. An Axiomatic Relation between Information Theoretic and Thermodynamic Entropies
Ebrahim Ardeshir-Larijani, Simon Gay and Rajagopal Nagarajan. Automated Verification of Quantum Protocols by Equivalence Checking
Juan Bermejo-Vega, Cedric Yen-Yu Lin and Maarten Van den Nest. The computational power of normalizer circuits over ∞ Abelian groups
Marius Lewerenz, Peter Finch, Holger Frahm, Ashley Milsted and Tobias Osborne. Variational Methods for Interacting Anyon Systems in 1D
Benoit Descamps. Asymptotically decreasing Lieb-Robinson velocity for a class of dissipative quantum dynamics
Felipe G. Lacerda, Joseph M. Renes and Renato Renner. Classical leakage resilience from fault-tolerant quantum computation
Giuseppe Vitagliano, Iagoba Apellaniz, Iñigo Luis Egusquiza and Geza Toth. Spin squeezing and entanglement for arbitrary spin
Joseph Bowles, Marco Tulio Quintino and Nicolas Brunner. Certifying the dimension of classical and quantum systems in a prepare-and-measure scenario with independent devices.
Christian Gogolin, Martin Kliesch, Leandro Aolita and Jens Eisert. Boson-Sampling in the light of sample complexity: a review
Kais Abdelkhalek and René Schwonnek. Optimality of entropic uncertainty relations
Sandra Rankovic, Yeong-Cherng Liang and Renato Renner. Two-party alternate events game
Denis Rosset, Jean-Daniel Bancal and Nicolas Gisin. Classifying 50 years of Bell inequalities
Bernat Gendra, Elio Ronco, John Calsamiglia, Ramon Muñoz-Tapia and Emili Bagan. Quantum Metrology Assisted by Abstention
Julio de Vicente, Cornelia Spee and Barbara Kraus. The maximally entangled set of multipartite quantum states
Scott Aaronson, Adam Bouland and Mitchell Lee. The space above BQP
Florian Richter, Torben Schulze, Daniel Becker and Tobias Osborne. Ultracold Chemistry and its Reaction Kinetics
Graeme Smith, Maciej Demianowicz, Pawel Horodecki and Andrzej Grudka. Communication via deterministic broadcasting
Ariel Bendersky, Gonzalo de La Torre, Gabriel Senno, Santiago Figueira and Antonio Acin. Distinguishing the undistinguishable
Denis Rosset and Nicolas Gisin. Generalized local correlations are bounded by polynomial inequalities
Normand Beaudry, Omar Fawzi and Renato Renner. Quantum Exams
Ittoop Vergheese Puthoor, Simon J. Gay and Sonja Franke-Arnold. Verification of linear optical quantum computing using quantum process calculus.
Pablo Poggi, Fernando Lombardo and Diego Wisniacki. Controlling open quantum systems using fast transitions
Martí Cuquet, Katharina Schwaiger, Julio I. de Vicente, David Sauerwein and Barbara Kraus. LU equivalence and LOCC conversion of multipartite states
Gerald John Lapeyre. The role of local and global geometry in quantum entanglement percolation
Alessandro Cosentino and Vincent Russo. Small sets of locally indistinguishable orthogonal maximally entangled states
Nikolas Breuckmann and Barbara Terhal. Space-Time Circuit-to-Hamiltonian Construction and Its Applications
Waldemar Klobus, Andrzej Grudka, Michal Horodecki, Karol Horodecki and Marcin Pawlowski. On equivalence between Popescu-Rohrlich boxes and random access codes
Ioannis Kogias, Sammy Raggy and Gerardo Adesso. Comparison of Continuous-Variable Teleportation Schemes and Benchmarks
Kubica Aleksnder and Beni Yoshida. Precise estimation of critical exponents from real-space renormalization group analysis
Akbar Fahmi. Can Leggett model simulate The Werner State?
Simon Burton, Courtney Brell and Steve Flammia. Error Correction in a Fibonacci Fusion Code
Remigiusz Augusiak, Maciej Demianowicz, Marcin Pawlowski, Jordi Tura Brugués and Antonio Acín. Atomic monogamies of correlations
Kimmo Luoma and Jyrki Piilo. Discrete quantum dynamics and non-Markovianity
Andris Ambainis, Renato Portugal and Nikolay Nahimov. Spatial Search on Grids with Minimum Memory
Steffen Wissmann, Antti Karlsson, Elsi-Mari Laine, Jyrki Piilo and Heinz-Peter Breuer. Optimal state pairs for non-Markovian quantum dynamics
Gniewomir Sarbicki. Disproving the Structural Physical Approximation hypothesis
Maria Kieferova and Nathan Wiebe. Coherently Controlled Quantum Adiabatic Evolutions
Christian Majenz, David Gross and Michael Walter. Stabilizer information inequalities from phase space distributions
Dvir Kafri and Jacob Taylor. A noise inequality testing entanglement generation
Wolfgang Dür, Michalis Skotiniotis, Florian Fröwis and Barbara Kraus. Improved quantum metrology using quantum error-correction
Christoph Hirche and Ciara Morgan. Efficient achievability for quantum information theoretic protocols using decoupling theorems
Giulio Chiribella, Rui Chao and Yuxiang Yang. Activation of quantum metrology advantages
Flavien Hirsch, Marco Túlio Quintino, Joseph Bowles and Nicolas Brunner. Genuine hidden quantum nonlocality
Xiaotong Ni, Oliver Buerschaper and Maarten Van Den Nest. A non-commuting Stabilizer Formalism
Borzumehr Toloui and Peter Love. Space-optimal quantum algorithms for simulating many-fermionic systems in quantum chemistry
Paul Erker, Normand J. Beaudry and Renato Renner. Duality for the conditional min-information
Nelly Huei Ying Ng, Laura Mancinska, Cristina Cirstoiu and Stephanie Wehner. Optimal Embezzling States
Nicola Dalla Pozza and Nicola Laurenti. Adaptive Discrimination Scheme for Quantum Pulse Position Modulation Signals
Maryam Eslami, Mahboobeh Houshmand, Morteza Saheb Zamani and Mehdi Sedighi. Geometry-Based Signal Shifting of One-Way Quantum Computation Measurement Patterns
Philipp Kammerlander, Lidia Del Rio and Renato Renner. Autonomous work extraction within a Szilard engine model
Albert Verdeny, Łukasz Rudnicki, Cord Muller and Florian Mintert. Optimal Control of Eective Hamiltonians: The Lambda System
Earl Campbell, Matty Hoban and Jens Eisert. Majorana fermions and non-locality
Gael Sentis. Decomposition of any quantum measurement into extremals
Jaap Boender, Florian Kammueller and Rajagopal Nagarajan. Verification of Quantum Protocols using Coq
Philippe Faist, Lea Kraemer, Frédéric Dupuis, Jonathan Oppenheim and Renato Renner. The Minimal Work Cost of Information Processing: Gambling Against the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Gonzalo de La Torre, Matty Hoban, Chirag Dhara, Giuseppe Prettico and Antonio Acin. Maximally non-local theories cannot be maximally random
Dominic Williamson and Stephen Bartlett. Symmetry-Protected Quantum Adiabatic Transistors
Sarah Croke and Robin Blume-Kohout. Local measurability of multi-partite subspaces
Olmo Nieto Silleras, Stefano Pironio and Jonathan Silman. OPTIMAL DEVICE-INDEPENDENT RANDOMNESS QUANTIFICATION
Bogna Bylicka, Dariusz Chruscinski and Sabrina Maniscalco. Non-Markovianity and reservoir memory: a quantum information theory perspective
Lukasz Rudnicki, Zbigniew Puchala and Karol Zyczkowski. Majorization Entropic Uncertainty Relations — J. Phys. A 46 (2013) 272002
Nicola Dalla Pozza, Nicola Laurenti and Francesco Ticozzi. Optimal Binary Codes and Measurements for Classical Communication over Qubit Channels
Michal Oszmaniec and Marek Kus. Detection of quantum correlations and typical properties of isospectral density matrices
Evgeny Mozgunov. Implications of the definition of Many-Body Localized phase via Finite-Depth Local circuits
Ben Criger, David Divincenzo, Lars Tornberg and Shabir Barzanjeh. Direct Parity Measurement in Topological Quantum Error Correction
Omar Shehab. UNKNOTTING as a k-local Hamiltonian problem
Anna Szymusiak and Wojciech Slomczynski. The informational power of SIC-POVM
Gerald Waldherr, Ya Wang, Sebastian Zaiser, Philipp Neumann and Joerg Wrachtrup. Quantum error correction in a solid-state spin register
Milan Mosonyi. Renyi divergences and the classical capacity of finite compound channels
Benno Salwey and Omar Fawzi. Privacy amplification against non-signalling adversaries and non-locality distillation
Electra Eleftheriadou, Stephen Barnett and John Jeffers. Quantum Optical State Comparison Amplifier
Wim van Dam and Hieu Nguyen. Decoherent histories of quantum searching
Moritz Ernst (Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Koln). Regularized Input-Output Fidelity Moments for Infinite Pauli Channels
James Wootton, Jan Burri, Sofyan Iblisdir and Daniel Loss. Non-Abelian topological quantum memories
Gilles Brassard and Paul Raymond-Robichaud. Parallel lives
Yosi Aita. Improved hitting time bound for quantum walks