Time dependent Density-Functional Theory: Prospects and Applications

3rd International Workshop and School   

2008, August 31 - September 15

Invited Talks (confirmed)

Andreas Goerling (Erlangen, Germany) - TDDFT with frequency-dependent exchange-correlation kernels
Claudio Verdozzi
(Lund, Sweden)
Claudia Filippi
(Leiden, Netherlands)
Elisa Molinari
(Modena, Italy)
Francesco Mauri
(Paris, France)
Georg Kresse
(Vienna, Austria) - Absorption spectra from TDDFT: do hybrid functionals account for excitonic effects
Ivano Tavernelli
(Lausanne, Switzerland)
John Rehr
(Seattle, USA) - Real-time TDDFT approach for linear and non-linear optical response
Kazuhiro Yabana
(Tsukuba, Japan)
Kieron Burke
(Irvine, USA) - Semiclassical origins of density functional theory
Mark Casida
(Grenoble, France) - TDDFT pushing the limits of and going beyond the adiabatic approximation
Massimiliano di Ventra
(San Diego, USA) - Stochastic TDCDFT: a functional theory of open quantum systems
Osamu Sugino
(Tokyo, Japan) - Nonadiabatic dynamics by TDDFT
Paul-Gerhard Reinhard
(Erlangen, Germany)
R.W. Godby
(York, UK) - Exchange and correlation in quantum transport
Risto Nieminen
(Helsinki, Finalnd) - Applications of TDDFT to clusters and nanostructures
Roberto Car
(Princeton, USA)
Rodolfo del Sole
(Rome, Italy)
Roi Baer
(Jerusalem, Israel)
Silvana Botti
(Paris, France)
Sohrab Ismail-Beigi
(Yale, USA)
Stefano Baroni
(Trieste, Italy)
Stephan Kuemmel
(Bayreuth, Germany) - Memory effects in real time: Probing the adiabatic approximation in TDDFT
Troy Van Voorhis
Yasutami Takada
(Tokyo, Japan)
Walter Kohn
(Santa Barbara, USA)